Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trash Your Stash!!!!

Do YOU have more scrap supplies then you know what to do with? Do you need to make room for new stuff? Here's your chance to make a dent in that "stash" problem and produce some beautiful artwork at the same time...because lets face it, you loved it once or you wouldn't have bought it, right???

Come on over and join us at Scrap Shotz - Jess has issued a challenge that looks easily managable!!

The challenge is this...

Do (or re-do if you've done them)... TWENTY of the October and November challenges...
...yes the mini card crop challenges
...yes the October DT challenges
...yes the Color your world crop challenges
...yes the Scrappy Hour projects
...yes the November DT challenges

With supplies from your CURRENT STASH... (as of today...)

Win the draw and I will buy you the December SSZ kit in it's entirety!!! Even if you're a subscriber the bill will come to me! (DT will get the equivelent in a GC as you'd already have the kit...)

Anyone up for the challenge???

Deadline is December 1st...


Come pick your spot in the thread and start'll be fun, I promise...and well worth it if you win the contest, the prize rocks!!!! :)

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