Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scrapping Sunday!!!

It's a not bad day outside and I'm in here scrapping...of course, standing out in the pourning RAIN yesterday afternoon and most of the evening for a Halloween party yesterday means I deserve it, right? ;)

I was surfing blogs and checked out a fav of mine and found this little post for easy, super cute Christmas cards...after debating what pp to use and creating a Christmas tree pattern in PSP since I don't have any tree stamps, it took me about 15 minutes to make 4 of them!!! Watch the video to see just how easy they are and then get started on your own Christmas Cards, like I did! :)

Ignore the crooked stamp was messed up and I finally (by the last card ;)) had to take it off the wood mount and reposition it!!! Might have to redo the background piece before I send them's driving me batty!!!!

1 comment:

Boo said...

Oh these are really pretty cards Julie! Every year you make super cards.