Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aug 1st DT Layouts

Well, it's not quite Aug 1st but since my blog hasn't been updated in eons, I'm hoping no one will be snooping tonight! ;)

Here are my creations for Aug! The kit? KI Memories Love, Elsie Toby line.

And the Catch Phrase this month is just that...a catch phrase. Pick one, find one you like and use it as your title or sub title. Here's mine - done with none other than the yummy Basic Grey Infuse!!!

Random Layouts June/July

July DT Layouts

Creative Imaginations was the flavor of the month for July...YUM!!!! It went perfectly with my Punta Cana pictures. (are you sick of these layouts yet? whew, good to know cuz there's lots more to come! LOL) The elements were so bright and fun and fit with a lot of different photos! :)

For July we did a member scraplift and I lifted MelissaM from NFLD; a member of our board at Scrap Shotz...loved her layout.

And mine:

For July's Catch Phrase I provided a list of catch phrases from popular TV shows or sitcoms. Here's mine:

A For Fun Junkitz Layout

Love this line. Didn't buy it when it first came out and then I took a couple pictures of Tyler that just screamed this pp so I bought it...I've done a few with it now, including those pics I'll show you in later post!!!

June DT Layouts

This month we went totally crazy...FUN crazy that is! Summer is here, everyone is so excited about the warm weather, gardening, swimming, etc. so what we did was 1. Alter an item. I made a picture frame with a fav flower from my garden and using rubs from Autumn Leaves and the glass insert from an old picture frame that I had, I created this. I love it and it now proudly hangs in our bathroom.

Then we mixed it up and little bit by having just two challenges this month. Aimee and I paired up to challenge Wendy and Carla. When I say mix it up, that's exactly what we did. Aimee did what I usually do for a monthly challenge, I created a sketch and we created two layouts for one challenge. Here's mine:

So mixing it up was fun but we were still required to create at least one layout with the pp. I altered my photos and created this:

Black background is for uploading purposes only.

Then, since I was on a roll, I created a couple of cards for hubby's sister for their anniversary and a birthday card for our neice who turned one in July.

Punta Cana Scenery Layouts

I grabbed some older pp, and started playing with the 100's of photos that I got printed off of our trip. I think I'm going to need more page protectors!!! :) TFL

May's DT layouts

May's DT Kit was 7 Gypsies...I love the pp but came to the realization when creating the layouts that I don't take photos that suit this vintagy type of pp. I had a really hard time with this kit but I stepped out of my usual box and that, as they say, is what a challenge it, correct? :)

This months Catch Phrase is Transitions - as seen in April's CK in Ali's article on page 65
She writes:
Our lives are full of transitions. Things are always changing, evolving, ebbing and flowing. Situations that seem stable and constant can change in an instant or over days, weeks, months or years. Some we welcome, others we dont....(continue reading the article in April's CK)
Here are a few of her ideas found in the article:
1. Compare one time to another.
2. Tell the store of a moment of big change. - A new job, wedding, death, life.
3. Document your feelings while you are transitioning. - How you control or handle the changes; how they make you feel, etc.
4. Everyday transitions. - Things you take for granted around your home; job; family, etc.
5. Document the "Handovers" - Happy transitions are also a big part of life. New experiences, making friends, meeting people who will touch your life in amazing ways.

Here's my layout:

Punta Cana Layout

The first of my Punta Cana Layouts...this one was done 12x12 but I have since decided it will be an 11x8.5 landscape album so I'll do another one of this layout to fit in the album.

April DT Layouts

April's Kit was Fancy Pants. I chose the Aged Floral line, the colors just spoke to me bright but muted at the same time...I like bright but find it hard to work with so this line was right up my alley!! :) Enjoy!

Catch Phrase this month was the word RENEW.
I chose pictures of my tulips just peeking through
the ground to show my idea of RENEW.

Thanks for looking, check back soon for other layouts created in April.

My Goodness!!

Where has the time gone? We've been back from Punta Cana for more than 3 months and I haven't been around in ages!! Yikes, sorry everyone! I promise I'm going to be more diligent getting posts on here and layouts. I'll even add the past few months for your viewing pleasure! Won't that be great! ;) :)

Off to upload April-May-June and July's layouts...be prepared!!!