Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking Day

Was Nov 3rd and I whipped this little ditty up to commerate it! Yum! Kit from Little Dreamers Designs.

I've been Tagged

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Kathy T!

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  • I can't eat butter with Cheese Whiz but have to have it with peanut butter.
  • I'm anal about washing my stamps, acrylic, foam, rubber...it's got to be cleaned!!!!
  • I love neat and pretty storage units; in my scrap area and around our house.
  • I love to catch my own fish and then have a fish fry...yum!!!
  • I work at Bell but dislike talking on the telephone.
  • I never sit or lay on the couch, if I do, I fall asleep no matter what time it is.
  • I hate cleaning but I love a clean house; anyone wanna be my maid?

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Nov CT Reveal - Heidi Grace Moonlight Meadow

Moonlight Grace is the kit name!

Have you ever seen anything so yummy? The pp with all it's glitter, the chipboard elements, the glitter blossoms, chipboard and cardstock alphas...oh my!!! I loved the kit on site, had a harder time working with it then I thought I would but I'm rather pleased with the finished results!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct DT Layouts - Before it's Nov! ;)

Yeah, yeah, I've been neglectful, I know. Things have been crazy busy around here but hopefully it will start slowing down soon. This weekend we'll close the outside for winter, store the lawn furniture, build the new tempo for the boat to get it out of my parking spot for the winter ;) trim back the bushes in the gardens and make sure all the Christmas lights still work (yes, we leave them up all year, you can't see them though when you're not looking, I promise! ;)) and plan what we're going to do with the new railing on the deck, I'm envisioning spruce boughs with lights wound around and maybe a wreath or two, Hubby, not so impressed. ;)

Sometime soon it's time to go through the clothes in our house, hubby and both have so many, at least half that neither of us wear...it's all going to Sally Ann. Hopefully this weekend, too!

Last but not least, here are my Oct DT layouts..better late than never, right? :) October's DT kit was Basic Grey Peripery - oh my, I loved it!!!! The colors are gorgeous and really, can you go wrong with Basic Grey? I don't think so! :)

This photo has been hanging on my parents wall for years, it's a picture of my dad and his parents back when he was just a little tyke...this pp is perfect for heritage type photos!

We had a challenge this month to use 10 photos on a layout...after most of us grumbled about using 10 photos, we all got down to business and I'm extremely happy with what I turned out - and I even did a 2 pager, something I rarely do these days! :)

For fun, I did a little card with the rubs and scraps that I had left over...yummy!

Last but not least was my Catch Phrase challenge for this month. Eye on the Prize was the phrase to use as your inspiration. I took photos of my uncle when I was in Nova Scotia in Sept and couldn't wait to use them on a layout. He's been wanting a "real" cowboy hat for years and finally got one this year when they went to the Calgary Stampede, he's looking very cowboy'ish to me! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Online Crop at Scrap Shotz

Come and join us at Scrap Shotz the weekend of Sept 14-16th. We've got challenges, games and prizes...you won't regret dropping by!!

Here's a sneak peek of one of my challenges:

Sunday, September 02, 2007

September DT Layouts

Can you say YUMMY? September's kit choice is one of my favorites so far...the layouts all came together so easily and the elements that came with it were fabulous!!!! If you haven't tried the Roll on Stitches, you do not know what you are missing!!!
Paul's Aunt sent us some pictures of her granddaughter's first visit to the strawberry patch...sooo cute. Of course they had to end up on a layouts...Elise, you are too cute!!!

This is my mom - silly, serious, fun-loving all rolled into one amazing woman. She called me last Fall to tell me that she played ball at the family reunion...once my Aunt sent me the pictures, I could only laugh...she looks so professional...then as I went through the photos I see the real her coming through...the glove on the head is SO my MOM!!!! :) :) Love ya, mom!


Here's another fun project that Fancy Pants put out for Summer CHA 2007. These Wordblooms are so fun and easy to alter...I can't wait to try out more words!!


Here's my Catch Phrase challenge for September. I had a few pictures from the "photo shoot" of the kids last summer and decided to use them all on one layout (notice a trend this month...no one photo layouts!!! wow). Here's Looking at U, Kid! seemed to fit these pictures perfectly.

Monday, August 20, 2007

August Scrappy Hour

Please join us on Thursday, Aug 23rd at Scrap Shotz for our monthly Scrappy Hour. I'll be hosting the class and we're making a Ribbon Spool Mini Album.

Here's a sneak peak of mine - hope you'll all join us! :)

And here's the finished project!!! I love how this turned out. Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter was perfect for these NYE pictures from 1994!!! Ahh, the good ole days!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm on a Roll!!

Carla challenged everyone to create a card from a sketch that she posted on her blog...I love the style of it and it helps that she just taught me a few weeks ago how to make this cool scalloped edge!!! So, since I need some birthday cards for next weekend I decided to take her challenge!

Here it is, Carla, hope you like it! :)

I Scrapped, I Scrapped!!!

Look at me go!! haha

I actually did some scrapping last night...this layout has been on the go for at least 2 months...so unlike me!!!! I finally tried a couple (okay, more than a couple) colors of card stock and once I found one I like, it just came together. I asked some advice from my scrapping guru friend Wendy and she agreed that I should outline the flowers to make them pop, so I did it. Love the finished product!!!

Fancy Pants Aged Floral PP
AL Journal and Flourish stamps
AC Felt Thickers
MM Tiny Alphas
BG rubs from the Blush Card Kit
Stickles - Fruit Punch
Black Zig Pen

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Week

and it's not over yet! Ugh, tomorrow is my Saturday to work...it's been 9 weeks, so I guess I can't complain but hey, still would be nice to have a 2 day weekend...the week after a Sat shift is always so long!!!! We've been training this week to do a special project in the office - to add to the special assignment I've already been doing for 4 years and my brain is fried...so much to learn, totally different process yet similar to what I do already...talk about confusing! We're also crazy busy this time of year with students going back to university so that doesn't help...oh the joy of the job I have to pay for my scrapping hobby!!!! ;)

It seems like forever since I've scrapped anything. I've got a lot that needs to be done before Sept 1st but our DT kits were delayed (new CHA releases!!!! :)) so we're hanging out waiting for them to arrive. While we're waiting, I have been working on a new project for Scrap Shotz that will be revealed on Sept 1st...shhhhhhhh, it's a secret!!!! I think it's going to be so cool and you'll love it! I've also been working on new blinkies for the DT team and will do one for the new focus group we have, too...fun, fun!!! For even more fun, check out Scrap Shotz for Scrappy Hour....I'll be hosting it this month on Thursday the 23rd...come check it out, it's a sweet little mini album, great little gifts! Here's the materials list; have it on hand and you can join me on Thursday!!! :)

Scrap wise, I have been working on an 8x8 album for the newlyweds from the wedding we went to in Punta Cana in April...I took the best photos that I took of the actual wedding and started putting together an album for their wedding present! I'm using a Maya Road raw chipboard album and now that I'm more than half way finished, it's starting to look like an actual album!!!!! Their colors were pink and brown...so IN right now....the MME papers I chose work perfectly...yum!!!! I hope they love it!! Once I give it to them, I'll share it here!

That's all for now folks, check back soon for the Sept 1st reveals and pray for sunshine tomorrow, hubby is going to stain our front deck finally!!!! :) :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My To Do List is Getting Smaller

Had today off so I set myself down and worked on the two Circle Journals that I've had sitting here for 3+ weeks. Yikes! Well, I'm pleased to say that they are done, packaged and gone on to their next destination!! Yay me!

On Friday I created this little number. Based on a sketch from Getting Sketchy, love that blog!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aug 1st DT Layouts

Well, it's not quite Aug 1st but since my blog hasn't been updated in eons, I'm hoping no one will be snooping tonight! ;)

Here are my creations for Aug! The kit? KI Memories Love, Elsie Toby line.

And the Catch Phrase this month is just that...a catch phrase. Pick one, find one you like and use it as your title or sub title. Here's mine - done with none other than the yummy Basic Grey Infuse!!!

Random Layouts June/July

July DT Layouts

Creative Imaginations was the flavor of the month for July...YUM!!!! It went perfectly with my Punta Cana pictures. (are you sick of these layouts yet? whew, good to know cuz there's lots more to come! LOL) The elements were so bright and fun and fit with a lot of different photos! :)

For July we did a member scraplift and I lifted MelissaM from NFLD; a member of our board at Scrap Shotz...loved her layout.

And mine:

For July's Catch Phrase I provided a list of catch phrases from popular TV shows or sitcoms. Here's mine:

A For Fun Junkitz Layout

Love this line. Didn't buy it when it first came out and then I took a couple pictures of Tyler that just screamed this pp so I bought it...I've done a few with it now, including those pics I'll show you in later post!!!

June DT Layouts

This month we went totally crazy...FUN crazy that is! Summer is here, everyone is so excited about the warm weather, gardening, swimming, etc. so what we did was 1. Alter an item. I made a picture frame with a fav flower from my garden and using rubs from Autumn Leaves and the glass insert from an old picture frame that I had, I created this. I love it and it now proudly hangs in our bathroom.

Then we mixed it up and little bit by having just two challenges this month. Aimee and I paired up to challenge Wendy and Carla. When I say mix it up, that's exactly what we did. Aimee did what I usually do for a monthly challenge, I created a sketch and we created two layouts for one challenge. Here's mine:

So mixing it up was fun but we were still required to create at least one layout with the pp. I altered my photos and created this:

Black background is for uploading purposes only.

Then, since I was on a roll, I created a couple of cards for hubby's sister for their anniversary and a birthday card for our neice who turned one in July.

Punta Cana Scenery Layouts

I grabbed some older pp, and started playing with the 100's of photos that I got printed off of our trip. I think I'm going to need more page protectors!!! :) TFL

May's DT layouts

May's DT Kit was 7 Gypsies...I love the pp but came to the realization when creating the layouts that I don't take photos that suit this vintagy type of pp. I had a really hard time with this kit but I stepped out of my usual box and that, as they say, is what a challenge it, correct? :)

This months Catch Phrase is Transitions - as seen in April's CK in Ali's article on page 65
She writes:
Our lives are full of transitions. Things are always changing, evolving, ebbing and flowing. Situations that seem stable and constant can change in an instant or over days, weeks, months or years. Some we welcome, others we dont....(continue reading the article in April's CK)
Here are a few of her ideas found in the article:
1. Compare one time to another.
2. Tell the store of a moment of big change. - A new job, wedding, death, life.
3. Document your feelings while you are transitioning. - How you control or handle the changes; how they make you feel, etc.
4. Everyday transitions. - Things you take for granted around your home; job; family, etc.
5. Document the "Handovers" - Happy transitions are also a big part of life. New experiences, making friends, meeting people who will touch your life in amazing ways.

Here's my layout:

Punta Cana Layout

The first of my Punta Cana Layouts...this one was done 12x12 but I have since decided it will be an 11x8.5 landscape album so I'll do another one of this layout to fit in the album.

April DT Layouts

April's Kit was Fancy Pants. I chose the Aged Floral line, the colors just spoke to me bright but muted at the same time...I like bright but find it hard to work with so this line was right up my alley!! :) Enjoy!

Catch Phrase this month was the word RENEW.
I chose pictures of my tulips just peeking through
the ground to show my idea of RENEW.

Thanks for looking, check back soon for other layouts created in April.

My Goodness!!

Where has the time gone? We've been back from Punta Cana for more than 3 months and I haven't been around in ages!! Yikes, sorry everyone! I promise I'm going to be more diligent getting posts on here and layouts. I'll even add the past few months for your viewing pleasure! Won't that be great! ;) :)

Off to upload April-May-June and July's layouts...be prepared!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Umm...where have you been?

Yes, we've been and have come back from Punta Cana...can I just say I want to go back again...right NOW!!! :) :) It was a fabulous trip and soon I'll post some of my favorite photos on my other blog soon.

Monday, April 02, 2007

11 More Sleeps

Until we go to Punta Cana!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!

Check out these photos of our resort. We're staying at the Bavaro Princess on the East Coast of the Dominican Repuplic...yum! I'm looking forward to taking my own photos and posting them here for all to see!!! :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

March CT Layouts

I guess I should've posted these first since they were done for Scrap Shotz CT layouts March 1st. Opps, that's me, ass backwards! lol

This months pp was WRMK Homemade line...can you say scrumptious? I can!!! I had a lot of fun with this line, the colors are gorgeous and it was very easy to work with!

Serious? - No Way!

My Favorite Boy @ 2

A layout of my new *baby* Belle!!! Yup, I finally got my new camera, I've been experimenting quite a bit with it...check out From Inside My Lense to see the fun I've been having. I was out again today, too, lots of snow on Friday so I had to take advantage of it!
Rebel Belle
This layout was created for my March Challenge *Catch Phrase* at Scrap Shotz. The word of the month is Lucky...why are you Lucky? Feel free to create a layout and let me know, post a link here in the comments section if you'd like.

Sketch This! Layout

Finally got a chance to take a closer look at Sketch This! and actually create a layout from the first sketch that was uploaded a few weeks ago. Love how it turned out. BG Perhaps pp...yum!!!
A couple of picture from our visit to Nova Scotia in Jan. The neices and I were hanging out on the floor and kids being kids, well, Auntie Julie looked like a comphy place to lay! This sketch was a perfect way to showcase these two photos my Aunt gave me.
Just Us