Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cards For Shane

Here's my challenge to YOU!!!!
My request if for Shane. He's only 7 years old and he is battling Leukemia at CHEO. He's from Cornwall, ON and this is his wish:
To be in the Guiness Book of World Record's for the person receiving the most cards for his birthday on May 30th.
Shanes's contact info:
Shane Bernier
P.O. Box 484
Lancaster, ON
K0C 1N0
I've seen news reports and video of Shane in the hospital with his family and loved ones and watched him open the 1000's of cards he receives each day! The World Record to date is around 350 000 cards...we need to help this wonderful little boy get his wish!
Can you help us? Please pass this on to anyone you think might help out. It will make you feel good deep inside to know you brought a smile to this little boys face!!!! He reads each and every card that he gets!!!
Click the following links to see more info on Shane and his full story.

Shane's Story

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We've Been Tagged!!!

are you...

1. a cuddler? Depends on my mood, I love a good hug, though!
2. a morning person? Not so much...night owl more like it.
3. are you a perfectionist? Nope, and not ashamed to admit it. lol
4. talented? Yes.
5. in your pajamas? Nope.
6. left handed? No.


1. friend you saw: All the girls at volleyball Thursday night.
2. phoned: did I mention I hate the phone?
3. sent text: don't text
4. received text: Monic - months ago
5. message over myspace: not a myspace'er
6. instant message: Wendy on MSN

last night:

1. wore: to bed? My Joe's jammies
2. last night was: Quiet and peaceful
3. got any plans: Vegged today, tomorrow, I'll have to clean!


1. number: 23
2. colour: burgandy
3. season: Fall


1. missing: my parents - off to Florida for a few months.
2. needing: a maid
3. wanting: that same maid!!!

q's and a's

q: first thing you did this morning: Get a cup of coffee
q: last thing you ate: Special K with fruit
q: do you have anything bothering you? Nope...not worth it!
q: what's the last movie you saw?: Watching Flags of Our Father's right now.
q: where is the last place you went? Store for milk for above cereal
q: do you wish upon stars? Yes
q: are you a friendly person?: Yes.
q: where did you sleep last night?: In bed.
q: what color shirt are you wearing? White long sleeved t-shirt.
q: when was the last time you really cried? Probably yesterday...or was it today? I'm a sap!
q: what was your last thought before you went to sleep last night? I'm going to scrap tomorrow!q: what are you about to do? Watch Closer and do a layout
q: if you could drink anything right this second, what would it be? Water
q: what's your job position called? Customer Service Rep
q: what's your favorite month(s)? October
q: what was your elementary school's mascot? don't think we had one
q: what's your favourite bottled water? Dasani Lemon
q: what were you doing at 9pm last night? Watching pvr'd tv shows
q: did you attend your high school prom? Yes
q: did you go to someone else's prom? No
q: do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee
q: something red within 5 feet? Yes, a lint mit.
q: how much french do you know? Enough if you don't talk to fast!!! ;)
q: ever crash a car, been in an accident? Yes and yes.
q: do you look good in yellow? Light yellow, yup...with a tan!!
q: do you sing? Sure do!!
q: ever sing in public? Yup, get asked to all the time, it's part of life around here!
q: least favorite color? Purple
q: how many driving tickets have you had? 3-4 speeding tickets
q: do you own your own house? Yes
q: at what age did you/do you want to get married? 26
q: have you ever been married? Yes
q: how many kids do you have/want? would love just one...better than none.
q: do you like anyone right now? A few people, yup...Dorrie for example!!! ;) ;)

I tag Dorrie, Melanie and Kathy T!!!!

A Fun New Sketch Site

Are Mo and Jo at the local bar? Off playing or watching hockey or skiing? Well, here's just what you might need to get those guys (they have to be guys with how often they leave, right? ;)) back where they belong and have them work for you. Each week they will be uploading a new sketch for you to use. After you've created a layout with the sketch, post a link in the comments section for them to take a look at! I'm going to create one tonight...I LOVE that first sketch!! :)

Take a peek at Sketch This!