Saturday, February 10, 2007

We've Been Tagged!!!

are you...

1. a cuddler? Depends on my mood, I love a good hug, though!
2. a morning person? Not so much...night owl more like it.
3. are you a perfectionist? Nope, and not ashamed to admit it. lol
4. talented? Yes.
5. in your pajamas? Nope.
6. left handed? No.


1. friend you saw: All the girls at volleyball Thursday night.
2. phoned: did I mention I hate the phone?
3. sent text: don't text
4. received text: Monic - months ago
5. message over myspace: not a myspace'er
6. instant message: Wendy on MSN

last night:

1. wore: to bed? My Joe's jammies
2. last night was: Quiet and peaceful
3. got any plans: Vegged today, tomorrow, I'll have to clean!


1. number: 23
2. colour: burgandy
3. season: Fall


1. missing: my parents - off to Florida for a few months.
2. needing: a maid
3. wanting: that same maid!!!

q's and a's

q: first thing you did this morning: Get a cup of coffee
q: last thing you ate: Special K with fruit
q: do you have anything bothering you? Nope...not worth it!
q: what's the last movie you saw?: Watching Flags of Our Father's right now.
q: where is the last place you went? Store for milk for above cereal
q: do you wish upon stars? Yes
q: are you a friendly person?: Yes.
q: where did you sleep last night?: In bed.
q: what color shirt are you wearing? White long sleeved t-shirt.
q: when was the last time you really cried? Probably yesterday...or was it today? I'm a sap!
q: what was your last thought before you went to sleep last night? I'm going to scrap tomorrow!q: what are you about to do? Watch Closer and do a layout
q: if you could drink anything right this second, what would it be? Water
q: what's your job position called? Customer Service Rep
q: what's your favorite month(s)? October
q: what was your elementary school's mascot? don't think we had one
q: what's your favourite bottled water? Dasani Lemon
q: what were you doing at 9pm last night? Watching pvr'd tv shows
q: did you attend your high school prom? Yes
q: did you go to someone else's prom? No
q: do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee
q: something red within 5 feet? Yes, a lint mit.
q: how much french do you know? Enough if you don't talk to fast!!! ;)
q: ever crash a car, been in an accident? Yes and yes.
q: do you look good in yellow? Light yellow, yup...with a tan!!
q: do you sing? Sure do!!
q: ever sing in public? Yup, get asked to all the time, it's part of life around here!
q: least favorite color? Purple
q: how many driving tickets have you had? 3-4 speeding tickets
q: do you own your own house? Yes
q: at what age did you/do you want to get married? 26
q: have you ever been married? Yes
q: how many kids do you have/want? would love just one...better than none.
q: do you like anyone right now? A few people, yup...Dorrie for example!!! ;) ;)

I tag Dorrie, Melanie and Kathy T!!!!

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