Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Fun New Sketch Site

Are Mo and Jo at the local bar? Off playing or watching hockey or skiing? Well, here's just what you might need to get those guys (they have to be guys with how often they leave, right? ;)) back where they belong and have them work for you. Each week they will be uploading a new sketch for you to use. After you've created a layout with the sketch, post a link in the comments section for them to take a look at! I'm going to create one tonight...I LOVE that first sketch!! :)

Take a peek at Sketch This!


Patti said...

Glad to see you blogging again Julie! I keep checking and was going to leave a message on SSZ for ya!:)

Thanks for the reminder of the site. I did have it marked in my favs - one lo a week is so 'doable' for me:)

Have a great one. Can't wait to see your creations from the sketch!!:)

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