Monday, October 27, 2008

Some People Suck!!!!

As you've all read, I entered into a layout contest, I was excited, a little nervous - it was after all my first contest like this, ever - and I was quite proud of myself for stepping out of the "box" and trying new things/challenges!!!! As of this morning, I made it to Round #4...yay me!

Well, about an hour after the contestants got the challenge, we received an email that the contest was CANCELLED!!!! WHAT??? Yep, apparently some people can't follow the rules, or innocently overlooked what was expected during the contest and were soliciting votes for their layouts. The rules clearly stipulated that the vote was anonymous and no names of contestants were were not to post anything on your blog re: the vote except for the blurb given by the contest what I posed each and every week here on my blog.

It's so unfair turning something like this into a popularity contest and asking all your family and friends to go vote for you...when you might not deserve to make it into that next round. Why can't people play by the rules? Is the prize pack worth dishonesty, your pride, your integrity? Not for me it's while I'm sad that that the contest has been cancelled, I'm kind of glad that it's over, I wouldn't dream of asking my friends and family to vote for my layout knowing that I didn't move on honestly...I can't believe the gall of others that can!

My heart goes out to Cat for being forced to make this decision...lack of respect is another pet peeve of mine...YMBD is a fabulous forum and full of wonderful, honest, caring people! I plan on sticking around and making myself at home, it's an awesome place to play!!!

**off my soap box just sucks when a handfull of people ruin it for everyone....Karma is a bitch.
Here's my layout I entered into Round #3 - the challenge was to use a SHAPE on your layout that wasn't the circles, squares, etc. I chose this huge Heidi Swapp butterfly overlay that I've had kicking around for a while...the more I look at the layout, the more I like it so one good thing came out of all the hoopla above!!!!
Also, check out the pp I's called Webster...if you can get your hands on some...DO IT!!!!! Check out Scrapbook Star, that's where I got's sooo yummy!!!!!!


Boo said...

That is too bad about the contest Julie! I was going because of the message that you and Wendy had to go over and see the talent. There was lots of talent.

LOVE this LO!!!! It's absolutely stunning Julie!

Patti said...

Sorry about the contest Jules. That is exactly why I haven't bothered trying out for any 'teams' lastely.... as it looks a lot like popularity contests or friends of 'big wigs'... and people applying or entering never stand a chance to begin with.
This hobby that we've all grown to love has some fabulous points, but like everything else has some sad issues too!

I want to say your layout RAWKS..... it is my favourite of yours..... WTG!!!! The contest might have been cancelled but this baby is def. a winner.:)

Okay, great to see you blogging again.... off to read now.


Corey said...

I so agree about people that ruin it - it was awful how this all fell apart! I love your layout too - so yes, one good thing came of it!!!