Monday, October 20, 2008

SYTYCS Round #3!!!

So, I made it through to Round #3 of the So You Think You Can Scrap contest at YMBD, I'm so excited!!!! Thanks for the votes for those of you that voted for me!!!! :) The next round is very cool....going to take a lot of thinking to do something different and that stands out from the crowd!!! I have an idea so I'll be starting tonight...even skipping volleyball to not like me but that's how excited I am...and my knee is still a bit swollen! ;) Shh...that's the real reason I'm missing but hey, whatever works!!!! :) :)

Picking up photos from yesterday's shoot on the way home tonight, I can't wait to take a gander of them printed and see how they compare to my monitor...and scrap them, of course! ;)

That's it for now...oh, check out the gallery at Scrap Shotz, lots of yummy stuff in there from the online crop this weekend!!!!!!

Enjoy your day!!!

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