Sunday, November 23, 2008

Found Some Daylight Hours

To take some pics of my latest creations!!! It's hard to come by daylight this time of year and since I've switched to taking photos instead of scanning it's left for a weekend project...makes me look like I did more than I have since they all go up at once! LOL

First off, a Christmas card that I whipped up last night...similar in design to the ones posted earlier on in Nov, a slight variation if you will. I made 8 of these last night in about 20 minutes...I'm starting to panic a bit since it's almost Dec 1st and I'm not done making cards yet!!!! Yikes!

Now for some fun Pink Paislee creations...oh dear, I'm so addicted to this pp line right now...I've always liked it but lately everything they are coming out with is inspiring me big time!

**note the flower center here, it's a Tim Holtz circle cool are these things...I got some as a gift and had NO idea what to do with them...watched a video on Tim's blog and voila, I have a flower center!!! :) Love it!

These are portrait photos that I never know what to do with...too small to frame, he's already 3 years older than these pics so I decided to scrap them...they can't be submitted, etc. but they're still cute to me and I thought fit perfectly with the Pink Paislee owl!!

This one...way different than my usual style of scrapping but I wanted to showcase a pic of each of our neices and nephew and one together so trimming a few of the odd pics I had fit perfectly on this layout.

That's all for today...but it's only early, you never know what might arrive on here before the day is through!!! ;) Happy Scrapping!

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Patti said...

Awesome Julie!!!!!