Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Week

Not much happened on the scrapping front this past weekend but Paul and I purged though clothes in our closets and drawers on Sun and man it feels good to lighten the load!!!! Our room is sparkly clean now and we're in negotiations to knock out a wall and build a walk in closet out of the 2nd's really tiny and would give just enough "more" space in our room for a king size bed and a kick butt closet...the more we talk about it the more I like it! Stay tuned for that little project...right after the basement/scrap area/work out room!!!

Softball playoffs start this week so I'll be busy for sure...going to miss volleyball on Thursday, what will I do? ;)

On the scrapping side of life, I'm working on my last DT project for Scrap Shotz and hope to reveal it sometime in the next week or two...before the end of the month if everything goes well! It's the Piggy Tales Draw Bridge's such a cool project, and so fun to work with!!!!

Check out the DT work from September's Kit on the new Scrap Shotz Blog and see the new logo at the same time, it looks GREAT!!!

Till next time!!!

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Boo said...

It is a good feeling to clean out our drawers/closets, isn't it? I try to do mine with the change of seasons but it doesn't always work. A big closet sounds like a every girls dream!