Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Where have you been, you ask?

Hey's been a while! 

Lots of changes in the past few relationship status, new career, new lease on life...

But one thing that hasn't changed is my love of creating...I still have all my scrapbook tools and supplies and one day will venture into that fabulous world but at this point and time I'm really into buying, finding and acquiring wood furniture to turn it into something beautiful and unique...take a peek over at my new blog for a couple sneak peeks and to see if there's anything that you might want to purchase.  If you have something you'd like to have me "make new" for you, please inquire about prices and time lines for your loved piece of furniture!!

Check back often, I hope to be uploading weekly projects, tips and items for between my three, yes, I said three, jobs...I told you my life had changed...only for the better!!!  :)

'Til the next time...please check out my newest passion at Refreshed Renewed Recreated!!

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